A Word from Bob:  Why I'm Running

For the past few years, I've noticed that our Representatives have been busy pushing the agenda of big corporations.  They have lost sight of who they are supposed to be representing: the People.  We the People need OUR voices, not those of big corporations, to be heard on the issues that matter most to us.  I have thrown my hat in the ring because I have spent my life serving our community and I want to give voice to those people who are not being heard.

I want to advance the farming and processing of hemp in our district.  This will help to bring in new, productive and fulfilling jobs to our area.  These jobs will include the growing of hemp, the construction of places to dry and store the hemp, and the processing and refinement of the hemp into paper, makeup, and the many other products that this useful material can be made into.  The versatility of hemp will ensure that these jobs will be sustainable over a long period of time.

I believe that, in order to have a strong economy, we need to ensure that our citizens are healthy and have access to healthcare.  To that end, I support the Pennsylvania HealthCare Plan (SB1014/HB1688), a single health program for everyone in Pennsylvania that provides universal, comprehensive coverage for every Pennsylvanian.

Another priority of mine is affordable broadband for rural residents, small businesses, and especially for our children.  In a highly technological and competitive world, our kids need access to the latest high-tech learning tools, and our small businesses need to have the most up-to-date channels through which to sell their products and services.  Access to affordable broadband is essential for our people, our businesses, and our children to thrive today.


  • Affordable broadband access for rural schools, businesses and families.

  • Robust and affordable health care for all Pennsylvanians.

  • The development of a robust hemp farming and processing industry.

  • Representation that truly serves the needs of the people.